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A Grape Day Out

on October 21, 2012

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On Monday, 8 October we went on a fieldtrip to Can Rigol. At the beautiful, hilly farm, where centuries-old houses still stand, we were welcomed by some friendly activity monitors. We didn’t know then that we were about to participate in a tradition that’s part of the very fabric of Mediterranean culture.

Miss Stephanie, Miss Cristina and la Srta. Sonia explained to the students that they were going to see a vineyard.  If it seems unlikely that 2nd graders can actively participate in and be taught to appreciate the art of wine-making, just wait!

The students learned about the different parts of the grapevine; they were able to see and touch the plants. They got to taste two varieties of grapes: black and white. The children agreed that the black ones were much sweeter than the white! Yum! A delicious, sun-kissed treat direct from the source… mind the pips!

The best part of our visit was when the children got to take off their shoes and stomp the grapes like they did in the olden days. The students loved the squishy, wet feeling between their toes. You could see the look of surprise and enjoyment on their faces. Holding tight to the safety ropes, the children pressed out all the juice, or most that they could. While one group stomped, the others were able to watch the most flowing out of the spout. Some of the brave ones stuck their fingers in and gave it a taste!

After the activities were over, we had a picnic lunch in the sun and played all together in the sand. We built sandcastles and ran circles around the trees. It was a great day.

We brought home a complimentary bottle of wine for the mums and dads. We hope it’s as delicious for you as the experience was for us. Cheers!


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