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Our Weather Forecasts

on April 30, 2013

Last week, we presented our weather forecasts. The students did a great job. Here is a compilation of all the students who presented. You can jump straight to your video if you haven’t got time to watch it all!

La semana pasada, presentamos nuestras prediciones del tiempo. Los alumnos lo hicieron muy bien. Aquí tenéis una compilación de todos los que hayan presentado. ¡Se puede saltar directamente al video que queréis si no os da tiempo verlo todo!

Sergi J. 00:00                                              Clàudia 14:04

Judit 01:37                                                   Daniel 15:06

Zhi Peng 02:45                                            Ariadna 16:51

Marcello 04:05                                            María 18:11

Joan 06:30                                                  Christian 20:10

Sergi F. 08:13                                              Alexia 21:12

Carla 09:39                                                  Miguel 22:34

Berta 11:10                                                  Arnau 24:45

Nico 12:27                                                   Joaquin 26:06

Pablo 00:00                                                   Mireia 7:57

Yaqi 00:30                                                      Marcel 8:27

Yasir 1:00                                                       Anna 9:03

Ines 2:27                                                         Marc A. 9:37

Ainara 3:16                                                     Tomas 10:45

Daniel 3:53                                                      Lua 11:42

Xantal 4:31                                                      Alexandra 12:00

Vero 6:08

Maria 7:17

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